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Treatments and Therapies

S​pines Physiotherapy Clinic in Wombourne 

focuses on providing  a high-quality, experienced,  professional service to its clients. 

Whilst we offer help with any spinal problems, we also offer physiotherapy for all other areas of the body.

A range of complementary therapies is also available to relax and assist in the healing process.

Some people don't consider private physiotherapy as an option due to costs, however with current NHS waiting lists and cuts it may be a viable choice to get quick access to highly specialised therapists who can help with your condition.

At Spines we do not book a course of treatment for you, instead we customise it to whatever your need is.  We will always provide you with our honest, professional opinion and if we cannot help we will always try to refer you to someone who can.  We have close links with local GPs, consultants, investigative tests and local health therapists.


Our physiotherapists have a wide range of experience in both private and NHS sectors.  All of our initial physiotherapy sessions will assess your condition and give you exercises to help you manage your condition at home.  We also use techniques such as manual therapy, massage, electrotherapy and taping.


We provide acupuncture for many musculoskeletal issues.  It is used in conjunction with other physiotherapy techniques.  We have a number of physiotherapists at the clinic who are trained and experienced acupuncturists.

Virtual Consultations

We are aware that some patients are unable to attend a face to face appointment and so we also offer a variety of remote assessments via phone call or video.


Spines has a variety of equipment for sale to support you at home. We stock wheat packs, ice packs, tens machines, pulleys, supports and straps. We have kinesiology tape too if this has been advised by your physiotherapist. Feel free to come in and take a look!

Other Therapies

In addition to physiotherapy we offer many additional therapies:

  • Ant Jennings is an audiological specialist and offers microsuction wax removal at the clinic.
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